The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Favorite Phrases

Enzo has been chatting up a storm lately. His current favorite things to say are:

"How 'bout ....."

"Come on Mamma"

"Here you go"

"dank [thank] you Mamma!"

"I crash! I bash! I ferdinand!"

(a Thomas the Train Movie line - he's taking after his dad and Uncle Kyle and quoting the movies already)

He can also name a dozen or so Thomas characters by name.

First Kiss (Already!)

Today, I got my first kiss! Mila and I were sitting on the play structure side by side, we locked eyes, both puckers our lips and leaned in for a full on, straight on the lips, lip smacking kiss! Mommy is in shock, but she should get used to it because I am going to be a ladies' man when I get older! I topped it off with some nice face petting. I am such a gentleman!

I can fall asleep anywhere...

first time falling asleep on a sippy cup


Enzo has been putting words together more and more lately. Today, he said "sit on momma eaze [please]!" and "more cheese on cracker?" He also said "no more baby!" when he saw his mommy holding Katherine and Jeremy's newborn baby Olivia. So far, he's using his words to make clear what he wants [and doesn't want]!

Smarty Pants [less the pants]

Enzo saw his Uncle Kyle's bike in our kitchen and ran to the outdoor drawer in our kitchen, got the pump out, went over to the bike, said "pump!" and tried to put the pump on the tire to pump it up.

We wondered how he knew how to do this and Andrew remembered a Curious George episode where they pumped up a tire on a bike. We are both amazed at what he picks up at 1 year old!

Breaking News!!!!!

Enzo just went pee pee on the potty! I am sure we've got a long way to go, but it's a start. He stood up after, splashed his hand in it and said "ehw, wa wa." Like I said, a long way to go....


Drop In Playgroup Hugs

Today mommy took me to a drop in playgroup. I saw some of my buddies from class over the summer. Since it was Valentine's Day, I decided to give all the little girls hugs. I even gave my little buddy Patrick a hug and tried to help him up when he fell down. When Elle was leaving I gave her one last hug, waved goodbye, and then tried to give her a kiss too!! She wasn't having the kiss part. Mommy says if she could talk she would have said, "back off buddy!" Oh well, I am just like my daddy - I figured it couldn't hurt to try!  ;)

Daddy Goes to Work

Usually when daddy is getting his coat on to leave for work I say bye bye to him and wave. This morning I was extra cute and said, "bye buh da dee!" and waved with two hands!

Enzo FYI - Blow Kisses

Just wanted to let everyone know that I can now blow kisses!