The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo Ideas

Enzo lost his hexbug under the fridge this evening while we were making dinner. He told us, "We need a grown-up tool to get it."

After Daddy got it out, Enzo said, "I'll use another grown-up tool to catch it."

Vespa to the Playground

It was nice enough today to go check out the playground at my new house, so I took my Vespa for a ride.

I had a blast sliding down the slides into big piles of snow! Mommy thinks it's great that we can just go out our back door and walk on a path to the playground. No roads to cross and lots of space to run and use up some of my energy. On the way back I stopped at an evergreen tree and said "Hey Mommy, check out this Christmas tree!" Mommy giggled. 

Enzo's Wash Plant

Gold Rush Alaska's smallest and cutest fan ever has been asking to make his very own wash plant and after saving some recycles up for parts we finally got the job done. We used a toilet paper tube with some of Mommy's architectural model scraps to make the trommel screen. Nespresso pod boxes served as some of the structure as well as the sluice boxes. Mommy had to make it strong enough to run a dozen cheerios per minute. Check out all that gold (aka glitter glue) our awesome plant caught! 

 Though Mommy did most of the heavy lifting, Enzo definitely was calling the shots. As soon as Mommy finished the trommel Enzo held up two halves of a Nespresso box and said, "these are the sluice boxes Momma" (which I promptly googled and then agreed with him on).  ;)

listening to bedtime antics

Daddy, aka THE CLOSER, is upstairs putting Enzo to bed. He says, "Okay, time to brush your teeth" to which Enzo replies, "nah nah naah nah naaah, I over here."

Listening in, I had to laugh.  ;)

Early Special Delivery from the Netherlands

Today, when I woke up from my nap mommy informed me that a special birthday package arrived from my buddies Ollie and Charlie in AMSTERDAM! When I opened the box, I frowned and said, "Where's Ollie and Charlie?" Then, mommy informed me that they only sent the gift and couldn't be shipped across the big ocean in a tiny box. Once we cleared that up, I opened all of my gifts. I especially liked the rocket ship and told momma, "That's really cool!"

Thanks Ollie and Charlie and Rebecca and Brad! We miss you guys!!

"I want lunch please!"

Enzo: "I want lunch, please."

Daddy: "What would you like for lunch?"

Enzo: "Beans! Pink beans!"

Daddy: "Beans?"

Enzo: "Yes, and mushrooms! Gimme beans and mushrooms for lunch, PLEASE!"

Daddy: "Do you mean jelly beans and marshmallows?"

Enzo (in an irritated, that's what I just said kind of tone): "Yes! beans and MUSHROOMS!"