The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Camping with Hinkpa

Hinkpa and Yaya visited today, and I went camping for the first time.

We roasted a turkey hot dog (which I ate ALL of) and lots of s'mores, but I only ate the marshmallows.

I wore my safari gear, and slept all night in the tent with Daddy.

My First Invention

Using his Georello kit, Enzo made this vehicle 100% by himself, including making the chains for the tires.

He hid behind the couch constructing it, and then presented it to us, and really blew our mind with his creativity.

It's some kind of truck with a rocket...or something.

Last Day of Preschool

Today was my last day at Hingham Nursery School.

We had a picnic in Hingham, and I had fun with all of my friends.

Next year I'll be starting kindergarten in Cohasset!

Off to Yaya's house

Yaya and Mommy made special plans for me to go and visit the Berkshires for a few days. This was going to be my first solo-trip to see Yaya, Hinckpa, Nonna and Nonno, and I am going to sleep there for a few days.

Mommy helped me pack all my stuff, I made sure to include my bug catching kit that daddy and I keep in my backpack, and of course I had to bring my green snake.

I was so excited, I put my self in Yaya's car, and talked here ear off for about 5 minutes once we were on the road, before thoroughly falling asleep for the long three hour ride.

4th Birthday Party

Nonna and Nonno and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Julie (and expecting) came to visit me for my birthday this Sunday.

We played and then I took a power nap, and when I got up, we opened presents and I got to see my spider cupcakes that mommy and daddy worked so hard on.

I got a bunch of things, but my favorite was my Octonauts play set, which I spent the rest of the day playing with, using my imagination, and attacking it with my new rubber spider.

My First Bike

Nonna and Nonno bought me my very first bike. After I "helped" daddy put it together, we got to ride it.

I did very well peddling, and only wanted to go down hills - I made daddy push me when it was hard to peddle.

We went all the way down to the office, and back again. I'm learning how to use my brakes and how to slow down and watch for cars.

D'Italia Playdate!

Today, a bunch of adorable boys converged on the South End for some play and some lunch. They were extra adorable when they showed up in matching scooter shirts!

Thanks for the fun times guys!

I miss Preschool!

Although I've been out of school for almost a month, Mommy wanted to share some of the photos my teachers gave me from the classroom this spring...

Here is my first official class photo! (Mommy said that must have been like herding cats!)

What a fun time! I can't wait to go back in the fall!!

"Bestest Spider Web Evah!"

I got some string out while Mommy was busy feeding the baby and constructed a giant spider web. When I was all done (only because I had used all the string) I told Mommy I had made the "bestest spider web evah!" and proceeded to help my spider catch all of my bugs in his new web!


First Playground with Mommy and Ava

Daddy is back at work this week, so Mommy is on her own with the two of us. She decided to brave the potential rain and take us to a playground first thing in the morning (we were out the door by 8:30!). With sleeping Ava in the Ergo, Mommy said it was almost like old times and I was a very good boy and didn't put up a fight when Mommy said it was time to go. 

(Mommy's view with Ava in the Ergo)

After, we went to the library and checked out some books. Fun first outing Mommy!