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pictures from out and about

Mommy often sends me pictures of you from her cell phone when you are particularly cute while strolling around the city.
I liked this one.

Driving Uncle Kyle's Big Truck!!

Today we went over to Uncle Kyle and Aunt Julie's house to pick up Erich and Daddy's scooters. While we were there mommy let me practice my driving in Uncle Kyle's monster truck!!


Box Car Ride!

Vrooom! Vrooom!


This kid loves pears

This kid loves pears. According to Enzo, if you add pears to anything, he'll eat it.

Pears + anything is delicious. Not only that, but I have successfully executed a placebo effect trial on him.

Yesterday he wouldn't eat peas...didn't want anything to do with them. Tonight while mommy was getting out of the house to go grocery shopping, I mixed peas and pears. When you have finished half of it, I filled it again with peas. Then more peas. By the end, it was 100% peas, but you were still eating it.

Like magical pear fairy dust.

Daddy makes me laugh!


More Fun with Daddy!

Daddy was home from work for the week so we got to do all kinds of fun stuff together. We men like to have man time! Here I am holding daddy in a head lock!


Baking, baking, baking

Things mommy and I have baked today, using mommy's new stand mixer:

- chocolate chip cookies

- two foccacia breads

- one loaf of honey whole wheat bread

- butternut squash mashed potatoes

- cinnamon sugar biscotti


Areas Enzo helped in

- supervision

- quality control

- enforcing worker breaks

- maintaining a safe workplace

- human resources and staffing

All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is my bottom left front tooth.

Our little boy is growing up :)


The staff here at Enzo's Blog would like to apologize for the downtime experienced since yesterday.

Our IT staff worked tirelessly to repair the broken server, and as of 7:00pm EST tonight, the server is back online.


You Missed Apple Picking

You missed your first apple picking at Carlson Orchards. You slept no matter how much mommy trudged around in the orchard.

There was even some SNOW, and you missed it!