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Touch a Truck Day!!!!

Today, daddy and I went to Touch a Truck Day!!! I got to get in all kinds of cool vehicles! Fire trucks, buses, loaders, construction vehicles, big rigs, you name it, I got in it!!! 

After, daddy took me to the Dorchester Day Parade, but I used up so much energy checking out the trucks that I slept through the whole parade!! -marching bands and all!

Best Seat in the House!

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Enzo's Lunch Meeting

Too busy to take a lunch so, I called daddy into my office for a lunch meeting.

Pasta Lunch

Daddy gave me some yummy fish shaped ravioli and some pasta sauce to dip them in. Mommy thinks I got more on my face then in my mouth!

Daddy's Staycation!

Daddy is staying home this week to hang out with me and mommy - yay!

Happy Birthday DADDY!!

I love to snuggle with my daddy - especially on his 30th Birthday!!!


Thoughts on new format?

I'm playing around with a new format -

"Blog for an infant" wasn't accurate any more, now that he's walking.

Let me know your thoughts - press the Contact button above, or leave your comments below the post.

Lazy Sunday Morning

I love a good nap on daddy.

ZoZo Zoom

Daddy took pictures of me napping.

Mommy thinks my dirty thumb nail makes me an official little boy.

Father's Day Weekend 2010

This weekend, we had a great time in the Berkshires with my whole family. We played outside a LOT. There was a...

Rope Ladder

And some rings

And then we played in the woods

And I got to see some interesting flowers

And almost ate a pine cone!

And we played in the stream

And finally daddy and I got to play with Hinck-pa's big CANON! It was a great guy thing to do!


Daddy said it was the best first Father's Day ever. And he said he was so happy that he's a daddy, and I'm especially happy that he's MY daddy.