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Father's Day 2012

Nonna, Nonno, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Julie came over for the day on Father's Day. We had some yummy food outside and then I came in and took a nap on the couch with Nonno.

I love you daddy and Nonno! Happy Father's Day!!!

Smiles with Daddy


Father's Day Art Take III

Mommy gave up on paints and just gave me some crayons to make daddy's gift. He's what I came up with...

Tram, Train, Train Museum

Today, we took a tram to the commuter train to Utrecht to the train museum (Het Spoorwgmuseum) to see and climb on tons of cool old trains.

The dads took the boys while the moms went shopping in the cute little city center. We also stopped at a Nijntjy (aka, Miffy) Museum, but I was napping.

After, we had a really nice dinner that Ollie and I refused to eat, but Charlie clearly enjoyed his meal.

Down time at Vondelstraat


Easter Egg Hunt 2012


"like daddy's"

Today I got another haircut. This time mommy told Helen (the Arace Boys' hairdresser), "let's try a cut like daddy's this time." So, this is what I look like now...

As soon as I was done I said, "lollipop please!!!" and the ladies were so impressed that I remembered that I got one last time that they said I could have two! I got the same number of "he's so cute!" comments while shopping after the haircut as before the haircut, so I think it's a success!  ;)

Haircut and a lollipop

I was super good when I got my haircut today and the nice lady gave me a lollipop!


I never bite my lollipops! They're so much fun to eat!

Valentines Day 2012

You are our sunshine,

our only sunshine,

you make us happy when skies are grey,

you'll always know, dear, how much we love you,

our love will never go away

Happy Valentines Day, beautiful. For all the things that you do for us, and for all the ways you make our lives better, brighter, and happier with your love, we'll always be your valentines.

-Enzo and Daddy

Making Naan with Daddy

I am the clearly the chef and daddy is my sous chef.