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Target Nap

I didn't take a nap today, so when we went to go get daddy from work mommy thought I would pass out in the car. I heard we were going to Target, so I made myself stay awake long enough to walk into the store. I then promptly asked daddy to hold me and passed out in his arms. Daddy was getting a little warm holding me so he found a cozy spot for me in a cart. 

I didn't even crack an eyelid. Out cold for the night!

Constructing Daddy's Birthday Cake

Today, Nonna and Nonno came to visit with us in honor of Daddy's Birthday. She made him a cake, but let me decorate it!

As you can see, I give the cake boss a run for his money. Thanks Nonna for letting me have so much fun!

New favorite mode of transportation

 (notice that his feet are actually inside daddy's pants, standing on his belt)

listening to bedtime antics

Daddy, aka THE CLOSER, is upstairs putting Enzo to bed. He says, "Okay, time to brush your teeth" to which Enzo replies, "nah nah naah nah naaah, I over here."

Listening in, I had to laugh.  ;)

Daddy Can't Go To Work

Enzo's latest thing to do is run and block the door when he doesn't want someone to leave the house. Here he is telling me "daddy can't go work"

Evening Bike Ride

 I had promised Enzo a bike ride early in the afternoon, but a mishap between Enzo's hands and the grease from the bike chain while I was pumping up tires led to a lot of hand washing, and then a power nap.

Of course, Enzo remembered after dinner, and demanded we go to the beach. A quick ride down to Carson Beach while the sun was setting was exactly what he needed for a good night's sleep.

Coffee for Daddy

I decided daddy needed some coffee, so I climbed up on the step stool and said "I making daddy coffee!" Mommy helped me pick out a glass and showed me which buttons to press.

Daddy said it was especially good coffee!

Dining Outdoors

Momma made a nice summer pasta (that I only played with) and when I was bored with that, I decided to climb in daddy's shirt.

Vespa Helper

It was super hot out today, so after the sun went down a little, mommy put me in a nice and cool outfit and sent me out to help daddy fix the Vespa. I really liked handing daddy all tools he needed.