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Father's Day 2014

Thank you to my beautiful family :)

My First Movie

On the 7th, Daddy took me to see my very first movie. We went to see Monsters University at the movie theater at the Hingham Shipyard.

We bought our tickets, and got some popcorn.

I handed my ticket to the man collecting tickets, but we were super early, and the theater wasn't ready yet, so we had to wait.

But, while we were waiting, the ticket man switched shifts with a cute ticket girl. I demanded to have HER rip my ticket again...SUCH A FLIRT!

Daddy and I sat right in the middle, and I was good through the WHOLE movie.

And, even though I wasn't heavy enough to keep the seats from folding back up and squishing me, I still had a great time with daddy.

Arace 2.0 Due today

Much like Baby Arace 2.0 is taking her sweet time to make her grand entrance, we've been taking our time gathering our photos from the past couple of weeks. Don't miss these posts that have been posted on the day they happened, but have been pushed off the front page or jumbled in the mix...

Enzo's Ikea Patterns

Bread Dough Making

Boys in Primary Colors

Ikea Patterns

Enzo saw the pattern of bug lights on the wall and spontaneously decided to recreate the pattern himself on the floor...

He wouldn't let us go until he finished. (not sure why daddy didn't get a shot of the finished product)

Work From Home Lunch Break

Today, Daddy worked from home. I don't know why, but it was great because I got to see him for lunch. We ate on the back deck and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather.

It was a great family lunch.

Enzo's First Bug Hunt

I took Enzo to the "rain forest" today, so that we could find bugs. He was so excited, he needed to run all the way there with me. We only made it about 100' into the woods near our new apartment community, but we found a wealth of insects that we took pictures of.


Some wood ants


And plenty of wood lice


Lots of termites in one log

Then we peeled back some bark on a tree on the ground, and found a big queen ant! Enzo wanted to flip her over gently with a stick, we watched the workers bring the eggs to safety, and then we put it all back the way we found it.

And finally, a nice firefly

We had a very great time, and I told Enzo that we can go back when the weather is a little warmer, and find more.

Easter Crafts

Origami bunnies!

Pizza Maker Enzo

Mommy loves when her boys make dinner!

Daddy and Enzo's Urban Planning

Mommy saw our city planning in the tub and thought we did some nice work.


Enzo Ideas

Enzo lost his hexbug under the fridge this evening while we were making dinner. He told us, "We need a grown-up tool to get it."

After Daddy got it out, Enzo said, "I'll use another grown-up tool to catch it."