The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Pink Tights

Today was my first time officially wearing tights - Mommy may have tried them on me for fun prior to this occasion. I had a cute dress on, but by this point in the day I needed something more comfortable to wear. I fell asleep in the Ergo while following my brother around outside.

Mommy thinks I look like a little ballerina. ♥

Double Trouble

Mommy was feeling brave, so she decided to take us shopping without Daddy. This was her first time managing the giant double stroller on her own (very tricky because it's heavy, huge and only fits in her car in one very exact position). Enzo and I fell asleep, so she decided to grab some lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe - Mommy's Favorite. Maybe it was my female intuition of being in a fabulous store, or maybe Mommy and I have specially synced appetites because I woke up hungry just as the waiter was walking over with her salad.

This isn't Mommy's first rodeo, so she fed me and ate her delicious salad left handed at the same time.  

Napping at the same time!

Mommy was so excited she didn't know what to do with herself.

She ended up making an Ice Coffee and eating a cookie. ;)

Ava Monthly - 4 Weeks

Today, at my 4 week check up I weighed 9 lbs even (52 nd percentile). Shortly after my weigh in I did a giant poop, so I might have been slightly less than that. My brother weighed 8 lbs 15 ounces at his 4 week check up, so we're almost exactly the same. I am very nosy like my Daddy and hold my head up all the time on my own. 


Auntie Becca Visits

Today, my Auntie Becca flew in from Washington DC to meet me! She didn't put me down the whole time and I loved it!

Miss you already Auntie Becca! ♥

Meeting Pop

Today Pop and Sandy came over to Yaya's house to meet me. Pop got me all to himself because Enzo was chasing Pepper (Pop's teacup yorkie) all around.


Day of Great Grandmothers

Last night we sneaked to the Berkshire to surprise Yaya for her birthday. Today, we met Great Grandma Dee Dee at a restaurant so she could meet me. 

After that we stopped to see my Great Grandma Sallie.

Only one more Great Grandma to meet! Love them all!!

Bunny Love - from the Luther/Koerners

I've received lots of bunnies from my friends and family. Here is my cute bunny rattle from the Luther/koerners...

♥ thanks guys!

Ava Monthly - 3 Weeks


Ava Monthly - 2 weeks

Today at my 2 week check up I weighed 8 lbs 1 ounce - almost my birth weight.