Gino is One!!! 12-2-14

by julie 2014/12/2

Happy Happy 1st Birthday to Gino!!!

We Love you xoxo

Singing Birthday Card from Nonni!

Papa came home early to celebrate!!


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12-1-14 Happy Birthday Auntie Rachel

by julie 2014/12/1

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by julie 2014/11/30

Lunch at Bertuccis with Nonno and Nonna

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Stride Rite

by julie 2014/11/25

Got measured for his first pair of shoes!!!

Size 4.5W

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11-24-14 Meeting Santa

by julie 2014/11/24

Went to see Santa for the fist time at Bass Pro Shops !! :)







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by julie 2014/11/20

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by julie 2014/11/19

Just as we were about to leave the house we discovered a huge package delivery addressed to Gino!!

How exciting!!

What is it?!?!?! looks like an early Birthday/Christmas gift from Uncle Brian and Dan.

We will open it on your Birthday :)


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11-17-14 Happy Birthday Nonno Raffaele

by julie 2014/11/17


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by julie 2014/11/15


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by julie 2014/11/14

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The Arace Children | Ava

The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

My brother's pjs

Here I am in my big brother's pjs...

And here he is around the same age as me...

Mommy thinks we're both adorable in red stripes.

Bunny Love - Maileg

Mommy found a whole family of bunnies to collect for me. Maileg makes beautiful bunnies and other cute animals for children to enjoy. Mommy thought the micro bunny would be the perfect start to my collection. Here I am meeting tasting my new bunny...

First Day at the Beach

I stayed cool under an umbrella and enjoyed a nice breeze while I slept the morning away...


Prison Stripes

This was Mommy's favorite little outfit when Enzo was tiny, so she tried it on me...

Here is a blurry Enzo (with Ollie) rocking the prison stripes...

Ava Monthly - 10 Weeks

I'm a little calmer, I sleep a little longer, and I really like to eat my hand and drool a lot.

Enzo loves to take pictures with me! Mommy finally got a good shot with both of us looking the same way...


Hot outside, cool and cute inside...


Squeaky Clean

I had a giant blowout diaper while out running errands with the family this morning. Once we got home I got nice and clean and Mommy took the opportunity to get some more photos.

She thinks the navy bow really brings out my eyes.

Sunday Errands

Target in my Target outfit...


2 Month Well Baby Visit

Today, I weighed 10 lbs 3 ounces (20th %) and I was 22 inches long (37th %). I was a little under the weight they were expecting, so they had Mommy feed me and weighed me again to make sure I am getting enough milk from her. I weighed 2.5 ounces more, so they were happy with that. Now she just has to feed me non stop for 2 weeks and we'll go back for a weigh-in. I got out of my shots until next time. Everything else looks right on track. They said I can stand if I want to, which is good news because all I want to do is stand and look around!

Here is my brother doing the same thing, but at his 4 month well baby visit...


Bunny Love - From Auntie Julie and Uncle Kyle

Here I am in my adorable Isaac Mizrahi jumper with my (twin) bunny from Auntie Julie and Uncle Kyle. 

Super adorable, I know.