The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.


Enzo's Soccer Practice

Here I am watching my big brother play soccer (sort of). I really enjoy tummy time in the grass.


Morning Sun

What an adorable thing to look at first thing in the morning!

Chill'n with my big bro

Great Great Grandmother's Handy Work

Here I am playing on a blanket that my Great Great Grandmother made for my Mommy when she was a baby...

It's in pretty good shape for being 32 years old!

Bubbles and Baby

She wants to sit up in the tub already!


Little Birdy


Auntie Julie's Hat

Today, I am wearing the hat Auntie Julie made for me in honor of her birthday!

Happy Birthday Auntie Julie!! xoxo

Hedgehog PJs from The D'Italia's

Thanks Guys!  xo

Hat Photoshoot Bonus