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Ava's Isis Class



When Mommy is away...

Auntie Becca will play...


Ava Monthly - 6 Months

This month I learned how to crawl and get into things. I got two bottom teeth and I added da da to my vocabulary. I just started eating food and I love it! I like to laugh at my big brother and I give daddy huge smiles when he gets home from work. Mommy has been nursing me non stop to get my weight up and I now weigh 13lbs 3 ounces! Up more than a pound in a month. The doctor was very happy. I'm still a little peanut, but a very happy and healthy baby.

Watching Soccer

I love going to my brother's soccer games because I get to play in the grass.

Something scary happened on Halloween!

I got my first tooth! Not scary for me, but scary for Mommy!


Good Morning People


I decided to end my bottle strike with a bang and not only take a bottle, but feed it to myself. Bam!

First Doll