The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Ava's First Beach Trip

Here we are at Sandy Beach in Cohasset. It was a little early in the season, so I was well covered.

Nothing like a nap on the beach!

D'Italias meet Ava

The D'Italias came to visit today. They brought gifts for Enzo and me and even Mommy. They also brought some yummy Italian food for Mommy and Daddy so they could get some rest and not have to cook. So thoughtful. Thanks D'Italia clan!! xo

Mother Daughter Selfie


Fashion and Faces

note the dimple - hard to catch on camera

Coordinating with Daddy

See a resemblance?


One week old today

Hmm, I am one week old today. What should I do?

(aside from hold my head up all the time like a crazy baby)


I know! Wear some pink socks...

♥♥♥ (thanks for the pink socks Yaya) ♥♥♥

Ava's First Pants

Here I am in my first pair of pants...

Here is my brother in his first pair of pants...

Aren't we both adorable!

3 Sleepy Araces

Now if only Mommy had been sleeping it would have been perfect!  ;)


Snuggling with daddy

Daddy is a very good snuggler, I can sleep on him in the corner of the couch for hours.

Of course, Daddy had lots of practice. Here he is with my big brother

Ava's First Smile on Camera

look at the chub ♥