The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Ava Monthly - 7 Months

This month I surprised everyone and started pulling myself up to standing and I use everything to hold on to to get where I want to go. (Enzo didn't do this until he was at least 10 months old - Ha!) I like to play with everything and put anything I can get my hands on in my mouth. I didn't gain as much weight this month because I have been moving non stop but I did grow a little (13lbs 7 ounces and 25.25" long). 

Ava Monthly - 6 Months

This month I learned how to crawl and get into things. I got two bottom teeth and I added da da to my vocabulary. I just started eating food and I love it! I like to laugh at my big brother and I give daddy huge smiles when he gets home from work. Mommy has been nursing me non stop to get my weight up and I now weigh 13lbs 3 ounces! Up more than a pound in a month. The doctor was very happy. I'm still a little peanut, but a very happy and healthy baby.

Ava Monthly - 5 Months

Lately, I really like scooting around on the floor and can get away from my designated blanket area all on my own (and pretty quickly too!). I went for a weigh-in today and sadly, I only gained 6 ounces in 6 weeks and dropped from the 15th % to the 2nd % (12 lbs 1 ounce), so my doctor said I could start cereal a little early. I grew almost another inch in the 6 weeks and the doctor said I am ahead of all of my milestones. She thinks I burn too many calories because I am such an overachiever and do hours of tummy time per day, not just the 20 minutes suggested for my age. I like to babble a lot and say Ma Ma. 


Ava Monthly - 10 Weeks

I'm a little calmer, I sleep a little longer, and I really like to eat my hand and drool a lot.

Enzo loves to take pictures with me! Mommy finally got a good shot with both of us looking the same way...


2 Month Well Baby Visit

Today, I weighed 10 lbs 3 ounces (20th %) and I was 22 inches long (37th %). I was a little under the weight they were expecting, so they had Mommy feed me and weighed me again to make sure I am getting enough milk from her. I weighed 2.5 ounces more, so they were happy with that. Now she just has to feed me non stop for 2 weeks and we'll go back for a weigh-in. I got out of my shots until next time. Everything else looks right on track. They said I can stand if I want to, which is good news because all I want to do is stand and look around!

Here is my brother doing the same thing, but at his 4 month well baby visit...


Ava Monthly - 8 Weeks

I like to eat a lot and I like a lot of attention. I don't like to be put down, so I spend a lot of time thrown over Daddy's shoulder like a sack of flour. People think I need the snuggles, but I am really just trying to get the best view of things because I am very nosy. I like to chat with Mommy during diaper changes and I have been working on my smile quite a bit.

I am still the strongest baby ever, and I've been fine tuning my head holding. Check out this head turned, almost wink for the camera...

and some more smile practice...

Ava Monthly - 6 Weeks

 I am cooing and flirting with little smiles here and there. I am still super nosy and continue to amaze Mommy and Daddy with my strength. I often try to throw my entire body at things I find interesting. My temper is hopefully at a peak this week, because I have no problem with screaming my little head off when I don't like something. Luckily, I am usually easy to calm.  ;)

Ava Monthly - 4 Weeks

Today, at my 4 week check up I weighed 9 lbs even (52 nd percentile). Shortly after my weigh in I did a giant poop, so I might have been slightly less than that. My brother weighed 8 lbs 15 ounces at his 4 week check up, so we're almost exactly the same. I am very nosy like my Daddy and hold my head up all the time on my own. 


Ava Monthly - 3 Weeks


Ava Monthly - 2 weeks

Today at my 2 week check up I weighed 8 lbs 1 ounce - almost my birth weight.