The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Too Active and Too Small

So, lately I've been super active and Mommy has been trying to figure out a way to keep me happy without holding me in her arms all day. She never needed an exersaucer for my brother because he was a less wiggly baby. She was happy about that because she didn't want a plasticy hunk of crap in her living room, however, she finally decided to cave and get me one...

She tried to pick the least cluttered one with some educational value. Too bad I am too tiny to fit in it yet! HA! As you can see, my chin is about where my waist should be. Back to the drawing board Mommy.


Don't worry! Mommy was sitting right there watching me and caught me seconds after this shot!

Ava Monthly - 12 Weeks

I am 12 weeks old today!

I didn't want to get my photo taken at first, but then I calmed down...

Mommy loves the profile shot of me. ♥

Bunny Love - Maileg

Mommy found a whole family of bunnies to collect for me. Maileg makes beautiful bunnies and other cute animals for children to enjoy. Mommy thought the micro bunny would be the perfect start to my collection. Here I am meeting tasting my new bunny...

Squeaky Clean

I had a giant blowout diaper while out running errands with the family this morning. Once we got home I got nice and clean and Mommy took the opportunity to get some more photos.

She thinks the navy bow really brings out my eyes.

Double Trouble

Mommy was feeling brave, so she decided to take us shopping without Daddy. This was her first time managing the giant double stroller on her own (very tricky because it's heavy, huge and only fits in her car in one very exact position). Enzo and I fell asleep, so she decided to grab some lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe - Mommy's Favorite. Maybe it was my female intuition of being in a fabulous store, or maybe Mommy and I have specially synced appetites because I woke up hungry just as the waiter was walking over with her salad.

This isn't Mommy's first rodeo, so she fed me and ate her delicious salad left handed at the same time.  

Ava's First Beach Trip

Here we are at Sandy Beach in Cohasset. It was a little early in the season, so I was well covered.

Nothing like a nap on the beach!

Mother Daughter Selfie


Ava's First Mother's Day Outfit

And also her first time wearing a dress.

Mommy Moments

Mommy is in love ♥♥♥

It's finally 2:2 in the Arace Household!