The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Me and Mommy

Ava's Isis Class



Good Morning People

Me and Mommy bonding over soccer

Morning Sun

What an adorable thing to look at first thing in the morning!

Great Great Grandmother's Handy Work

Here I am playing on a blanket that my Great Great Grandmother made for my Mommy when she was a baby...

It's in pretty good shape for being 32 years old!

While Enzo's Away...

Mommy and Ava will play!

While Enzo is at school Mommy and hang out. Girl time!

Chevron Dress

This is what happens when my chevron loving Mommy dresses me...


As soon as I saw this book I knew I had to get it for Ava. She has been a strong willed baby since day one... since she was still in the womb even! Rolling on her side at only days old, rolling over completely at 11 weeks old, and now, trying to get getting up herself once she decides she's done nursing; she know what she wants and how she's going to get it and I can't wait to see what my strong little girl is going to do next!

Watch Out World!

Toes in the sand

Here I am in beautiful Kennebunkport Maine putting my toes in the sand for the very first time!

Sponsored by the awesome D'Italia Family via their fantastic beach house (also happen to be wearing an outfit they gave me). Thanks guys!