The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Day of Great Grandmothers

Last night we sneaked to the Berkshire to surprise Yaya for her birthday. Today, we met Great Grandma Dee Dee at a restaurant so she could meet me. 

After that we stopped to see my Great Grandma Sallie.

Only one more Great Grandma to meet! Love them all!!

Ava's First Beach Trip

Here we are at Sandy Beach in Cohasset. It was a little early in the season, so I was well covered.

Nothing like a nap on the beach!

Ava's First Pants

Here I am in my first pair of pants...

Here is my brother in his first pair of pants...

Aren't we both adorable!

Ava's First Smile on Camera

look at the chub ♥


Ava's First Mother's Day Outfit

And also her first time wearing a dress.

Ava's Going Home Outfit

Mommy thinks maybe I should have been named Amelia with this aviator baby hat on...

Here I am at home with my first headband on...

Click here for more photos of my arrival at my new home.

Ava's First Visitors

There was no way I was waiting for Yaya and Hinckpa to get here from the Berkshires before I decided to come out, but they were here first thing in the morning.

Nonna and Nonno went straight to my big brother Enzo and then brought him later to meet me for the first time.

Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie came too and had some special news of their own! A cousin for me due this year!!

Phil and Kate came by. Always have to make the guy hold the baby for the photo! ;)

Vanessa and Jeison also came to visit (Mommy and Daddy must have been super tired by this point because we don't have a photo). Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!