The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

First Pigtails

New Scooter

At home

and then at Bare Cove, Hingham

First Time in the Pool

Trying on my bathing suit

Luckily, our pool is heated, so it was warm enough this Memorial Day weekend for us to go in...I didn't want to wear my floaty vest, so Mommy stayed with me on the stairs while Enzo and Daddy played.

My First Birthday

We started at Playdipidy and ended at my house.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who came.

We might have to call it..

Ava is officially walking at 8 months! She was holding on to the TV stand and just walked across the living room to the couch (about 6 feet). We skyped with Yaya and Hinckpa moments later and she did it 6 more times! We'll work on a video when Daddy gets home. She's been talking 3 or 4 steps for the past two weeks and 6 or so steps for the last two days, but I think 6 feet makes it official.

She also put two words together this morning for the first time. "Where dada?" while looking around for him. Unstoppable!

Ava stood up - in the middle of the floor - herself

She was just sitting in the middle of the floor playing nicely and then suddenly she was standing. I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief. 

Two Top Teeth

I was super cranky when we were visiting family in the Berkshires and New York over the holidays and here is why...

Two top middle teeth at once! 

Ava's First Cold

Ava decided to get her first cold during a snow storm. After a visit to a local branch of her doctor's office we ended up at the hospital for some tests. Luckily, everything came back okay and she was back to normal in a couple of days. 

All the doctors and nurses at the hospital thought she was adorable. Cutest patient ever!

Stuart Weitzman Baby Shoes

My first fancy shoes!

My feet are so tiny, they're newborn size, but you know what they say... if the shoe fits! 

Ava's first trip to the aquarium

Today, I went to see some fish with Nonna and Nonno after visiting with my new baby cousin Gino. My big brother Enzo showed me around because he's been coming here for years.

What an exciting day!