The Arace Children

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Ava Monthly - 8 Weeks

I like to eat a lot and I like a lot of attention. I don't like to be put down, so I spend a lot of time thrown over Daddy's shoulder like a sack of flour. People think I need the snuggles, but I am really just trying to get the best view of things because I am very nosy. I like to chat with Mommy during diaper changes and I have been working on my smile quite a bit.

I am still the strongest baby ever, and I've been fine tuning my head holding. Check out this head turned, almost wink for the camera...

and some more smile practice...

Ava's First Fourth of July

This Fourth of July we decided to check out the much talked about Hingham Parade. It was awesome for my big brother with lots of cool trucks and candy to catch, but it was a little loud for me (lots of salutes and drums) so, Mommy and I stayed in a shady spot with a view a block up from all the action while the boys explored. Also, it was HOT! Mommy said it felt like 100 and she was right because the weather people said 91 with a "real feel" of 105! Yikes! Needless to say, we couldn't stay for the whole parade, but we had fun anyway. After we went to a coffee shop to cool off. Enzo was in heaven with his carrot cake cupcake. Check out all these smiles!

And my red and white outfit with my blue starred bunny of course!  ;)

Ava's First Denim

topped with a yellow bow...

She constantly wants to stand already!

I ♥ Hearts


Bunny Love - From the D'Italias

Here I am with my cute bunny Liam picked out for me while in my gorgeous romper they gave me as well.

Thanks Jeff, Beth, Tyler, Liam and Rocco!! xo

Pink Tights

Today was my first time officially wearing tights - Mommy may have tried them on me for fun prior to this occasion. I had a cute dress on, but by this point in the day I needed something more comfortable to wear. I fell asleep in the Ergo while following my brother around outside.

Mommy thinks I look like a little ballerina. ♥

Fashion and Faces

note the dimple - hard to catch on camera

Coordinating with Daddy

See a resemblance?


Ava's First Pants

Here I am in my first pair of pants...

Here is my brother in his first pair of pants...

Aren't we both adorable!

Ava's First Mother's Day Outfit

And also her first time wearing a dress.