The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Chevron Dress

This is what happens when my chevron loving Mommy dresses me...

Ava Fashion - Fall Hat

Gotta love ears on a hat!

(caught the dimple on camera!)

Matching Bunny

Today, we matched my outfit to my bunny! Aren't we cute?!

Ava checking out her dress...


Love Helps Me Grow


Fashionable even in my crib

(love the Ava punch)

Hot outside, cool and cute inside...


Squeaky Clean

I had a giant blowout diaper while out running errands with the family this morning. Once we got home I got nice and clean and Mommy took the opportunity to get some more photos.

She thinks the navy bow really brings out my eyes.

Sunday Errands

Target in my Target outfit...


Bunny Love - From Auntie Julie and Uncle Kyle

Here I am in my adorable Isaac Mizrahi jumper with my (twin) bunny from Auntie Julie and Uncle Kyle. 

Super adorable, I know.