The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Santa Baby

Mommy LOVES this ruffle butt picture.

Leg Warmer Adorableness

Stuart Weitzman Baby Shoes

My first fancy shoes!

My feet are so tiny, they're newborn size, but you know what they say... if the shoe fits! 

When Mommy is away...

Auntie Becca will play...


Watching Soccer

I love going to my brother's soccer games because I get to play in the grass.


Ever since I can remember..

... I've been popping my collar.

Just like Daddy.  ;)

Little Birdy


Auntie Julie's Hat

Today, I am wearing the hat Auntie Julie made for me in honor of her birthday!

Happy Birthday Auntie Julie!! xoxo

Hedgehog PJs from The D'Italia's

Thanks Guys!  xo