The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Prison Stripes

This was Mommy's favorite little outfit when Enzo was tiny, so she tried it on me...

Here is a blurry Enzo (with Ollie) rocking the prison stripes...

Ava Monthly - 10 Weeks

I'm a little calmer, I sleep a little longer, and I really like to eat my hand and drool a lot.

Enzo loves to take pictures with me! Mommy finally got a good shot with both of us looking the same way...


First family bath

My big brother helped Mommy and Daddy give me a bath today. He was very gentle and helpful, especially keeping me warm with bottles full of water, which he dumped on my belly, on my arm, on my leg, and almost on my head. He also shared his toys by piling them on top of me.

As you can see by my expression, I was very apprehensive because he is very unpredictable, in my experience.


Snuggles with my Big Bro Zo

I might look a little awkward in some of these photos, but I love snuggling with my big brother! I actually fell asleep in his arms after Mommy's photo shoot.

Double Trouble

Mommy was feeling brave, so she decided to take us shopping without Daddy. This was her first time managing the giant double stroller on her own (very tricky because it's heavy, huge and only fits in her car in one very exact position). Enzo and I fell asleep, so she decided to grab some lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe - Mommy's Favorite. Maybe it was my female intuition of being in a fabulous store, or maybe Mommy and I have specially synced appetites because I woke up hungry just as the waiter was walking over with her salad.

This isn't Mommy's first rodeo, so she fed me and ate her delicious salad left handed at the same time.  

Napping at the same time!

Mommy was so excited she didn't know what to do with herself.

She ended up making an Ice Coffee and eating a cookie. ;)

Ava's First Pants

Here I am in my first pair of pants...

Here is my brother in his first pair of pants...

Aren't we both adorable!

3 Sleepy Araces

Now if only Mommy had been sleeping it would have been perfect!  ;)