The Arace Children

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Apple Picking 2012

This year we went back to our old standby orchard for some low key family fun with the D'Italia Family. I had tons of fun collecting rocks with Liam, running down rows of apple trees with Liam and Rocco, and my first tractor hayride with mommy and daddy.  

After, we had lunch in Concord and picked up some fresh ingredients for YaYa's famous potato leek soup at Hutchins Farm. It was a perfect fall day!

Giant Sandbox

Today, I discovered a "giant sandbox" near the playground! There were all of my favorite construction vehicles moving tons of dirt around. I told mommy they were "look'n for gold!" and asked "where all the boys were going" after they carefully parked their machines promptly at 3:00 PM. After they left, I went back to the regular sandbox and reenacted everything I saw the "boys" do.

Mommy wanted to mention one other unrelated incident. Later, some big boys (6 or 7 year olds) came to the playground and were playing chase and I randomly chose one boy to chase while saying "Hey, get back here Vigo! Follow me Vigo! Let's go over here Vigo!!" Mommy was pretty sure his name wasn't Vigo, so she asked me if I had asked his name and the boy said, "No! He didn't ask my name, he's just been calling me Vigo, but my name is William!" Mommy found this hilarious, but tried not to laugh while explaining to me his real name. I acted like I understood, but later when we were walking back to the car I asked, "Hey, where'd Vigo go?" Mommy just started cracking up.

Mila's Pizzelles

Mmmm! I really love the pizzelles you made Mila! 

Grazie Mila!

Vacation from Mommy and Daddy

Mom and Dad had a lot of work to do around the house, so I decided to help them out by asking to go to Yaya's house. Mommy met Yaya and Hinckpa halfway and made the switch on Friday. Today, Yaya and Hinckpa took me to the Berkshire Museum where I told them everything I know about the reptiles that were there. I pointed out a Boa Constrictor Snake on a chart and then brought Yaya across the room to show her which one was "the same one!" I had an amazing time looking for dinosaur bones and watching all of the animals get there food. Thanks for a super fun day that I will be telling Mommy about for weeks!

Tomorrow, I asked to go to Nonna and Nonno's house for the day. I'm going to surprise them in honor of grandparent's day! Maybe I'll stay here in the Berkshire for another week!  ;)


Liam and Rocco got me some awesome veggies for my farm. I really like to harvest them and feed them to my snake!

Thanks guys!

summer fun

sidewalk chalk + trucks = summer fun!

I especially like to make parking lots and practice parking all of my vehicles.

pirate puppet from pops

Today I got a special delivery from my Pops. He and Sandy sent me a really cool pirate sock puppet!

Thanks Pops and Sandy! xoxo

high chair antics

little trikers

This is the summer that I should have learned to drive my trike like a crazy person, but I was restricted because of my surgeries. All of my buddies can ride pretty well, but for now I needed to practice with someone my own speed. 

Thanks for waiting for me Olivia!

Enzo's Woodland Gruffalo Party

The first thing I said when I opened my eyes this morning was, "where's all my friends!?" I was very excited to see them and lots of my family too! I had a blast running around playing with balloons and the cool Gruffalo masks mommy made for us. I picked out a cupcake to put my candle in and was very excited for everyone to sing happy birthday to me.

 Here are some of the decorations mommy made. Yaya and Uncle Dan made the cool toadstools from clay and hand painted them!

 Thanks to all of my friends and family for making this such a special day!  xoxo