The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Sleepy Face

Milk Drunk!

Passed out after a milk binge...

Got Milk?


First Japanese Restaurant

Tonight we went to Ginza in China Town with Brad, Rebecca, and Ollie.

First Bath at Home

I cried when I got a sponge bath but I liked getting my hair washed. 

Ready for my close up...

Our little star...


Mommy's first diaper change...

I made a nice mess in my diaper while mommy was feeding me. She decided to change my diaper for the first time instead of calling daddy so I decided to give her a surprise and peed everywhere while she was changing me!!

Enzo Monthly - 1 week

Weigh In

Mommy fattened me up - I was 6lbs 13.5 oz on Monday and today at the doctor's (and last night on mommy's kitchen scale) I weighed 7lbs 2.5 oz!  Don't I look plump in my 1 week picture since my 0 week picture (see Enzo Monthly)?


Photoshoot with Mommy

here are some pictures mommy took...

flirty smile


very editorial pose


We took a great walk on the beach today.