The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

New Green Kicks

 Even though they're Pumas, I insist I can run "fast like a cheetah. 40 miles per hour!"

First Baseball Bat

Mommy had a surprise for me when she picked me up from school today. My first baseball bat!

She obviously has no idea what she's doing when it comes to sports because she should have gotten me a t-ball set so I actually had a chance to hit a ball. I did the best with what I had to work with (Mommy isn't a great pitcher either) and managed to hit the ball once!! Mommy was impressed.



Baby Arace 2.0 Escape Attempt

She's been doing her best to try and break out today...

(maybe it's the jailbird stripes?)

Lots of movement and a fair amount of uncomfortable, yet irregular contractions. It's her April Fool's Day Joke on Mommy - "Here I come! Just kidding!!!!"

Happy Easter 2013!

Here I am checking out my Easter Basket (yes, that is a bowl - Daddy "accidentally" donated my Easter Basket in the move, so Mommy had to improvise)...

I put my new apron to good use and helped Daddy make the fruit salad for our brunch at Olivia's house. 

Easter Crafts

Origami bunnies!

Easter Eggs

This was my first time coloring Easter Eggs. I was a natural and actually stayed pretty clean!

Last day of school in the city

Today was my last day going to my little school in the city. I've been going there for over a year and I am going to miss my teachers and friends. They made me a huge going away spider card! I absolutely LOVE it and took it around with me all day. My teachers and friends all signed the back. It's so awesome!

I gave each of my teachers spider mums to say goodbye. After school, we met Daddy for lunch at VaPiano. 

The good news is I really love my new school and new teachers. Yesterday, I walked right in and took my teacher's hand and could care less where Mommy went. When she picks me up, I often tell her "I want to stay here!" We're all signed up for the new school for fall as well. I'll be going 3 mornings a week like a big boy! Mommy can't believe I'm already going to officially be in preschool. She says I grow so fast!!

Yaya and Hinckpa's Surprise Visit

Yaya and Hinckpa came to see me today and I was so excited!! (some would say overly excited and hyper) I had lots of fun with them and wished they could stay forever! When Mommy and Daddy both hug me at the same time we call it a family hug. When Yaya and Hinckpa had to go I requested a family hug from them...

I give great hugs!

Pizza Maker Enzo

Mommy loves when her boys make dinner!


Ollie and Charlie's Mommy Rebecca sent Mommy a funny card in Dutch with pickles on it. Zwanger means pregnant in Dutch and both Rebecca and Mommy think this word is pretty funny. Here I am saying hi to my baby sister and trying to hold up Mommy's zwanger belly...

Mommy thinks it's funny that I really braced myself and took a nice wide stance to hold up her giant belly!

Here is a countdown timer for Baby Arace 2.0's due date. (there is also a link on the right of the blog for easy access)