The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Target run for the boys

Today, after school, my buddies Ollie and Charlie arrived in Boston! I was so excited! Before we went into the city to see them, I got to go to my favorite store - Target! - to pick out some stuff for my buddies' hotel room. I shopped until I dropped - or at least decided to take a rest in the cart...

Lunch Date with Mommy

I was very tired, but Mommy needed to feed her baby belly, so I took her to lunch. Luckily, we got a nice booth seat and I took a rest while Mommy shoveled some food in.

Making Bread Dough with Daddy

Wouldn't be the full experience without a little flour on his nose!

How many toys does it take

... to circle the couch? He started off counting them, but we can't get past "thirty" because he says "firty" and then when we get to "forty" he gets very confused. I guess we need to work on the "th" sounds. He had fun though.  ;)

Sharing with Baby Arace 2.0

Enzo let the baby "wear" his funny necklace....

Enzo Examines Giant Bugs

I wanted to get a much closer look at the bugs on the screen, so I dragged our telescope right in front of the TV and looked through.

Ikea Patterns

Enzo saw the pattern of bug lights on the wall and spontaneously decided to recreate the pattern himself on the floor...

He wouldn't let us go until he finished. (not sure why daddy didn't get a shot of the finished product)

Work From Home Lunch Break

Today, Daddy worked from home. I don't know why, but it was great because I got to see him for lunch. We ate on the back deck and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather.

It was a great family lunch.

Parade Day at School

Today we wore costumes to school and had a parade with flags we made to show them off. I went in my doctor scrubs my cousins Rocco and Gio sent me (thanks guys!)

The weather wasn't cooperating, so we marched inside. 

Spring 2013 is Here!

I was super tired after school today, but I still wanted to enjoy the 70 degree weather. Here was my solution...