The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

First Day of Class

Today was the first day of my spring semester class. This semester I am taking the Lightning Bugs class. I fell asleep on the way there of course, so mommy had to wake me up, but that was okay because I had a ton of fun. I made my first school art project and I did a little flirting with the little girls. I especially liked (and hugged several times) a little girl named Mila. I also went and sat on the teacher's lap during the art project (she happens to be very pretty and Brazillian). We had snack time and each kid got an animal cookie - I ate mine really fast so I asked and signed "more," which made all the moms laugh. 

Mommy is so proud of the nice job I did with my first art project!

Enzo Does Some Banking

The other day I got some cash from Great Grandma Dee Dee and Great Grandma Sally for Easter. Mommy bought me this super cool non-piggy piggy bank! It's a puppy!!

As you can see, I am already a pro at banking my cash. Thanks GG Dee Dee and GG Sally for getting me started!!

Easter Adventures with Nonna & Nonno

Today, Nonna and Nonno came to visit and brought me an Easter bucket filled with lots of cool things to go in my new sandbox! Then we went on an adventure on the T and eventhough it was a subway train and not a steam engine, I had fun yelling "Whooo WHOOO!" on both trips. We had a nice lunch [I napped through most of it] and then I took Nonna and Nonno to my favorite places - The Aquarium and The Childrens' Museum - all in one day!!

Thanks for visiting Nonna and Nonna!!


Hoppy Easter!!


Computer Glow

I love the cool glow of the computer on my face! Just like my daddy!!

I can't wait to get my own [real] computer!!

YaYa and Hinckpa Visit!

YaYa and Hinckpa came to visit me today and brought me an Easter Basket!

I really liked the chocolate and it was the perfect opportunity for me to show off my latest word - "Ezzzz MORE!!!" - translated, "Please more chocolate!!"

Thanks YaYa and Hinckpa!!

Go bed, Go bed!

Tonight, when I brought Enzo up to go to bed, while laying on his changing table, he pointed to his crib and said "bed", "bed", "go bed", "go bed".


Long Walk

Today, we went on a super long walk with Anna and Justin. I LOVE walking and I let everyone know it by laughing and squealing in delight the whole time!

Sometimes, I like to (and need to) hold hands while I walk, and this time I only wanted to hold Justin's hand (even when I was in the stroller)! He's 6'-3", so he was the obvious choice because I need a good bouncer to keep all my fans in check.

I did so much walking that I decided to sit down and take a break on the pedestrian bridge. Mama thinks I must have walked at least a mile of the trip, plus I had some playground time!

Egg Hunt!

I went to my first egg hunt today!! It was really fun...

Thanks to VaVa and Katherine for coming too!

Busy Day



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The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

7/1/14 Musical Instruments!!

YAY Mom bought me some instruments:)

Shake it Gino Shake it!!




Slept for 2 hours this afternoon holding his car!



Tree Swing

Dad is setting up my new tree swing soooo exciting!!!

Weeee Thanks Dad I LOVE it!

6/28/14 Breakfast at Bob's

Sitting in high chair and ready to eat! (pancakes please hehe)


Checking out the progress at Jason and Marissa's house!

Chickens!!! Cant wait for some fresh eggs :)

6/27/14 First time sitting in shopping cart

What a big boy!! 

6/24/14 Dinner at Nonni & Nonno's

Nonno showing you his garden :)

Father's Day 6/15/14






New Jumper

Thanks Nonni 

I'm having so much fun in my new jumper!

Music Together 6/12/14 sitting up all alone:)

New friend Luke :)