The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

7/1/14 Musical Instruments!!

YAY Mom bought me some instruments:)

Shake it Gino Shake it!!




Slept for 2 hours this afternoon holding his car!



Tree Swing

Dad is setting up my new tree swing soooo exciting!!!

Weeee Thanks Dad I LOVE it!

6/28/14 Breakfast at Bob's

Sitting in high chair and ready to eat! (pancakes please hehe)


Checking out the progress at Jason and Marissa's house!

Chickens!!! Cant wait for some fresh eggs :)

6/27/14 First time sitting in shopping cart

What a big boy!! 

6/24/14 Dinner at Nonni & Nonno's

Nonno showing you his garden :)

Father's Day 6/15/14






New Jumper

Thanks Nonni 

I'm having so much fun in my new jumper!

Music Together 6/12/14 sitting up all alone:)

New friend Luke :)