The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

My First Fishing Trip

Today, Daddy and Mommy took me fishing for the first time at Aaron River Reservoir.

We stopped at a bait store to buy nightcrawlers (which I almost dropped in the car).

Daddy put a hook, sinker and bobber on the Mickey Mouse fishing pole that used to be Daddy's when he was a little boy. Surprisingly, hooks sinkers and bobbers were okay in the tackle box that hasn't been touched for 25 years.


Daddy baited the hook with the worm, and showed me how to cast.

I caught a fish on the very first cast.

I then caught a fish on almost every cast after that, until we ran out of worms. (The couple times that we didn't catch anything, the fish stole the worms right off of the hook. I think it's because daddy isn't very good at putting them on the hooks - he never used to do it himself when he was a boy, he made Nonna do it.)

It was a great afternoon trip. Even Ava got to take a look at them.

But then she tried to swim herself.

Sidewalk Chalk Monsters

Buried by my Sister

Camping with Hinkpa

Hinkpa and Yaya visited today, and I went camping for the first time.

We roasted a turkey hot dog (which I ate ALL of) and lots of s'mores, but I only ate the marshmallows.

I wore my safari gear, and slept all night in the tent with Daddy.

Cutest Scooter Gang

Ava and Enzo took a trip to Bare Cove with Mommy and rode their scooters.

My First Invention

Using his Georello kit, Enzo made this vehicle 100% by himself, including making the chains for the tires.

He hid behind the couch constructing it, and then presented it to us, and really blew our mind with his creativity.

It's some kind of truck with a rocket...or something.

Father's Day 2014

Thank you to my beautiful family :)

Day Trip to the City

Enzo and I took a day trip to the city, and Auntie Becca brought him to the Aquarium while I was at work.

A perfect opportunity to try out his new backpack he got for Kindergarten.

Last Day of Preschool

Today was my last day at Hingham Nursery School.

We had a picnic in Hingham, and I had fun with all of my friends.

Next year I'll be starting kindergarten in Cohasset!

Wake Up Call

Very rude wake-up call.

What kind of hotel is this?