The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

My Baby Sister

My baby sister, Ava Brigida Arace, was born at 4:07am on Thursday, May 9th, 2013.

She was 8lbs 4oz (bigger than my 7lbs 10oz!) and was 19" long just like me. Nonna and Nonno have been staying with me, and taking care of me while Mommy & Daddy are at the hospital. I've been having so much fun with Nonno and Nonna - hunting for bugs and slugs, riding my trike, and also playing silly games like "daddy gives me milk and pretzels for breakfast!" (i don't).

We visited the hospital on Friday, and I was so happy to meet my sister. I was quiet and timid, and very gentle with her. I wanted to investigate all her pieces. I took my shoes and socks off so I could put my foot up next to hers, and inform everyone that my foot was bigger, and hers was smaller. I then opened the present my baby sister "gave me" and spent the rest of the hospital visit playing with my hex bug robots and getting hyper with Nonno.

Enzo's First Bug Hunt

I took Enzo to the "rain forest" today, so that we could find bugs. He was so excited, he needed to run all the way there with me. We only made it about 100' into the woods near our new apartment community, but we found a wealth of insects that we took pictures of.


Some wood ants


And plenty of wood lice


Lots of termites in one log

Then we peeled back some bark on a tree on the ground, and found a big queen ant! Enzo wanted to flip her over gently with a stick, we watched the workers bring the eggs to safety, and then we put it all back the way we found it.

And finally, a nice firefly

We had a very great time, and I told Enzo that we can go back when the weather is a little warmer, and find more.

Enzo on the dance floor

We were in the Prudential Center, and Enzo took a lot of interest in the dance game at the Microsoft Store, and had to join the fun.

She's Kicking My Head

"She's Kicking My Head"

-says Enzo, laying against mommy's belly. 

(first time he's acknowledged feeling the baby in there!).

Three Year Old Problems

It's no surprise that 3 year olds tend to freak out (here's a funny list we saw here). Here was a recent interchange:

Enzo, with runny nose: Mommy, I need a tissue.

Rachel: (wipes his nose)


Enzo: (repeat previous line many times while sobbing)

Enzo: (fall asleep in an infant carseat on the floor).

Spider Web

Enzo got his hands on a roll of scotch tape, and started unrolling it from his "spinneret" and I helped him build a spider web.

Sure, it wasted most of a roll of tape, but it held ALL of his insects!

Full album here

The Week of French Toast

Enzo's latest request has been "french toast for dinner!" Those who know him know how pick of a eater he is, so if he asks for it, I'll make it!

It has been about 1 week of french toast dinner every night.

He's getting pretty good at making it with me.

Toddler Hide and Seek

I taught Enzo the basics of Hide and Seek. He thinks he's really good at it, but you can see he still doesn't quite understand how to hide his whole body.

It's a GIRL!

Enzo is going to have a little sister!

Enzo and his Beautiful Mommy

I couldn't help it, I had to post these.

My family is beautiful!