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We might have to call it..

Ava is officially walking at 8 months! She was holding on to the TV stand and just walked across the living room to the couch (about 6 feet). We skyped with Yaya and Hinckpa moments later and she did it 6 more times! We'll work on a video when Daddy gets home. She's been talking 3 or 4 steps for the past two weeks and 6 or so steps for the last two days, but I think 6 feet makes it official.

She also put two words together this morning for the first time. "Where dada?" while looking around for him. Unstoppable!

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You said it Mommy, unstopable!!! But so cute!! XXX OOO

You don't even think about walking just do it!! You're so tiny, it is so cute to watch you Lil' Miss Ava Brigida!!!

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