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7/21/14 Day in Boston



7/19/14 Dinner Party

Helping Mommy shop at Trader Joes




7/13/14 We Love the Zoo

My First Fishing Trip

Today, Daddy and Mommy took me fishing for the first time at Aaron River Reservoir.

We stopped at a bait store to buy nightcrawlers (which I almost dropped in the car).

Daddy put a hook, sinker and bobber on the Mickey Mouse fishing pole that used to be Daddy's when he was a little boy. Surprisingly, hooks sinkers and bobbers were okay in the tackle box that hasn't been touched for 25 years.


Daddy baited the hook with the worm, and showed me how to cast.

I caught a fish on the very first cast.

I then caught a fish on almost every cast after that, until we ran out of worms. (The couple times that we didn't catch anything, the fish stole the worms right off of the hook. I think it's because daddy isn't very good at putting them on the hooks - he never used to do it himself when he was a boy, he made Nonna do it.)

It was a great afternoon trip. Even Ava got to take a look at them.

But then she tried to swim herself.

Post-Fishing Trip

Ava decided to wade forcefuly (aka charge with no fear) into the low water at the reservoir while we were fishing with Enzo.

She had to be stripped down and changed at the car. This was apparently hilarious to her.


7/10/14 funny faces


Hangin out at the Library!

Mom and Gino Selfie:) 




7/8/14 New Fedora Hat & Fun in the pool :)


Me and my Bunnies