The Arace Children

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First Days Home

You've been keeping mommy and daddy very busy, but you've been such a great little boy!

We actually took you to the grocery store, and you were less than 3 days old!

You've already had a few visitors, and even a couple Skype calls!

We're so happy to have you here :)



Mommy is making vespa noises to you right now. "brrrrrrbrrrrrbrrrrrr...Ciao!"

Happy Birthday Enzo

Happy Birthday, son. This is "The Big One" too, the ZEROth birthday.

We went in at 7am to start being induced. The nurses didn't expect such quick progress, but your mom did a GREAT job.

By 4:05pm we were starting to push. Your mom did amazing, and after she was done, she said "Wow, that was amazing, I didn't realize I could do that."

We've texted everyone, and thank you all for your warm wishes.


Lorenzo Raffaele Arace

Born 8/7/2009, 5:43pm

7lbs 10oz.

20" long


Everyone is doing great.


Full album at:



We took you to the zoo saturday. i don't know if you wanted to go or not, but we took you anyway.

We got to look at the baby giraffe, and your mother walked a LOT.

From Baby


We can't wait until you can make lion sounds too.

As for me...

...well, I can't wait to meet you.



We took a great walk on the beach today.

First College Graduation

You graduated from Boston Architectural College today - can you find yourself in the picture?

From Cellphone Pictures

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