The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo + Rocco

Enzo's cousin Rocco (right) was born on September 3rd.  Aren't we a good looking pair? Here are pics from our first baths...

Lorenzo is named after my grandfather Lawrence and Rocco is named after my great grandfather Rocco - Lawrence's father. Lorenzo is Lawrence's first great grandson and Rocco is his second. I know grandpa would have been (and Nanny is ) very proud to welcome these new additions to the family.

Footie PJs

Look how long and lean I am!

Sleepy Hedgehog

Stinky and He Knows It


Bjorn Blues

Enzo's eyes are still blue but it is hard to capture on camera...

Political PJs

We put Enzo in his politial pjs to watch the president's address on tv...

First Ride in Big Boy Stroller

I took Enzo out for a walk today and we used the seat attachment so that I could strap him in for all the bumps. I reclined him all the way back and made him a little more comfy with the snuzzler.  He seemed to like it (or he at least found it relaxing enough to pass out)....

Mommy and Me on the Computer

This is how mommy works on the blog...

Morning Nap

Don't I look sweet...

sneezes, hiccups and burps, oh my!

At home with mommy in the mornings - there isn't a lot to do except take videos of me.