The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo Faces




Can't Sit Still

I am a super active baby and I like to look around all day.  I really like to be on the go.  When mommy puts me down I get bored and demand more activity.  She says I can't sit still and I am just like my daddy!

Warm Spot

Daddy likes to put me on the warm spot on the counter when he makes his breakfast...

Ollie Visit

Last night my friend Ollie came over while his mommy and daddy went on a date.  He pushed me on the swing and brought me toys.  He got to eat big boy food and sit on my daddy's lap.  It was really fun to have him over!



Crib Time

Mommy is starting to make me do crib time so that someday I might actually sleep in it.  I like to listen to my owl's music (a classic lullaby) and watch my hedgehogs dance around...

I also like to play with my rattles...

Who You Look'n At?

More Tummy Time!?

pre tummy time...

tummy time...


Cheeks + Eyes

Look at my chubby cheeks!

Look at my pretty eyes!

g diapers

I am finally big enough to try my g diapers...

Don't I look fab in orange?

Slept 6 Hours Last Night!

and then another 3...