The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo Monthly - 8 Weeks

Enzo <3's Hedgehogs!!

I have a secret plan to aquire all the hedgehogs in the world!!  Ha Ha Ha!  (Don't tell mommy)  I got my latest one (a nice wooden hedgehog toy) from Rebecca + Ollie.  What a nice addition to my collection!


Daddy Made a Fire

This morning daddy made a fire so that it would be snuggly and warm when mommy and I came downstairs.  I thought it was nice and toasty...


New Warm Hat

Mommy bought me this new warm hat...

She thinks it is so cute, she is making me wear it around the house...

Mommy, please stop taking pictures of me!

I think you need to seek professional help for your addiction to taking pictures of me and making other people look at them constantly!

Chilly Morning!

I am not used to this cold, so I have to snuggle with mommy and my warm, super soft blankie from Auntie Kandace...

Cute in Navy and Red


BIG Smile Caught on Film!

Well, digital film...



Mommy didn't have any warm clean clothes for me to wear so she put me in a sleep sack while she did laundry.  She calls it a sleep sack I call it a snuggie!

I can put toys in my mouth!

I learned a new trick!  I can put toys in my mouth! AND I can do it super fast so that mommy can't get a good picture...


Very Chatty Enzo Interview