The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Staring Match

Lorenzo Raffaele Arace vs Andrew Raffaele Arace

Ask Enzo

Enzo, why are you and mommy in your second outfit for the day?

Enzo: Because I had a huge explosion in my pants while sitting on mommy's lap.  Mommy had to hurry and take me upstairs and yelled for help from daddy who was in the kitchen making lunch.  Luckily, I left a trail of poo all the way up the stairs and into my room so that daddy could find us.  It was my biggest explosion yet!!  I got poo on my shirt, pants and socks and also on mommy's pants, foot and hands!!  It was really funny.

Mommy says my second outfit is cuter than my first anyway.

Enzo Around the House

Folding laundry...

Watching TV...

Tummy time with Daddy...

Cuddles with Daddy...

Fresh Air

Mommy thought I should get some fresh air, so she bundled me up and we went for a walk downtown. We stopped to say hi to Daddy at work and then Ollie and Rebecca before heading back home. I find walks relaxing and they're the perfect time to catch some zzzz's...


I Like Books!

I really like to look at books now that I can see really well.  I can see up to 10 feet away clearly (more than mommy without her contacts on!) and now I can hold the books too (for about 5 seconds, mommy says)!


Big smiles even with a little cold...

Officially 2 Months Old

Today Enzo went for his 2 month check up.  He weighs 11 lbs 13.5 oz and he is 22.5" long!  The nurse measured his head and said "his brain is getting bigger!."  He is lucky - sort of - because he is getting a little bit of a cold so all of his shots have been moved to next week.


New Trick! Making Bubbles

Enzo likes to make bubbles and drool a lot these days...


So Pretty!

I mean... pretty handsome!  :)  Most random people keep thinking he is a pretty little girl.  I wonder why?  ;)



Fun with Ollie + Liam

Today was my first trip to New Hampshire to visit my buddy Liam and his parents Beth and Jeff.  I had a great time watching Ollie and Liam run around and I can't wait until I am big enough for them to show me the ropes!