The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

My Brother and Me

We sometimes play nice together

Officially Spring 2014

A Bad Situation

This is a big piece of packing tape.

He thought it was hilarious...until I had to get it out of his hair.


Great outfit from cousin Enzo!

Gino fell asleep just like this ...nothing better <3

5/18/14 walk to farm

5/17/14 Hangin out in the Volvo

Keeping Papa company while he cleans the car!


Hot Dogs on the Deck

What am I eating?

Shopping at Mommy Market

Mommy set up a market with prices, and Enzo got to use his play money and shop for fruits and veggies, and carry his shopping basket.

5/7/14 Story & Music Time at the Library!