The Arace Children

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Happy Birthday Papa! We Love You xoxo 5/28/14







Mommy and I hit up the Starbucks drive-through for some afternoon refreshment. They put whipped cream in a tiny cup for me.

First Time in the Pool

Trying on my bathing suit

Luckily, our pool is heated, so it was warm enough this Memorial Day weekend for us to go in...I didn't want to wear my floaty vest, so Mommy stayed with me on the stairs while Enzo and Daddy played.

Electronics Project

Enzo was "inventing" with me, while I was working on a little electronics project.

He built this all himself.

From top to bottom:

"this is the communicator"

"this is the lure"

"this is how you catch bugs" (there's a hexbug in there to demonstrate)

"this is how much money you need"

5/25/14 Milford Rail Trail

5/23/14 First time eating rice cereal!

Out for breakfast!

Got the Dr. ok to start eating rice cereal :)

First experience was a success!!! YAY



Teddy Bear Picnic 2014

Today at preschool, Enzo and his classmates made binoculars and hunted teddy bear tracks.

Enzo decided to sit on Mrs. Larson.


Enjoying the weather on the deck