The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Father's Day 6/15/14






Father's Day 2014

Thank you to my beautiful family :)

New Jumper

Thanks Nonni 

I'm having so much fun in my new jumper!

Music Together 6/12/14 sitting up all alone:)

New friend Luke :)

6/11 Ava & Gino

Cousin Love! Went to the park in Westwood then had a lunch date at Legal C Bar Yum :)

Day Trip to the City

Enzo and I took a day trip to the city, and Auntie Becca brought him to the Aquarium while I was at work.

A perfect opportunity to try out his new backpack he got for Kindergarten.

Father's Day 2014 Photo Shoot

6/8/14 Watermelon mmmmm




Fun times with Uncle Brian 6/7/14







Playing in the Grass