The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Buried by my Sister

Italian Girl

Trying to do my best Italian Girl impression.

Gold chain? check.

Tree Swing

Dad is setting up my new tree swing soooo exciting!!!

Weeee Thanks Dad I LOVE it!

6/28/14 Breakfast at Bob's

Sitting in high chair and ready to eat! (pancakes please hehe)


Checking out the progress at Jason and Marissa's house!

Chickens!!! Cant wait for some fresh eggs :)

6/27/14 First time sitting in shopping cart

What a big boy!! 

6/24/14 Dinner at Nonni & Nonno's

Nonno showing you his garden :)

Camping with Hinkpa

Hinkpa and Yaya visited today, and I went camping for the first time.

We roasted a turkey hot dog (which I ate ALL of) and lots of s'mores, but I only ate the marshmallows.

I wore my safari gear, and slept all night in the tent with Daddy.

New Scooter

At home

and then at Bare Cove, Hingham

Cutest Scooter Gang

Ava and Enzo took a trip to Bare Cove with Mommy and rode their scooters.

My First Invention

Using his Georello kit, Enzo made this vehicle 100% by himself, including making the chains for the tires.

He hid behind the couch constructing it, and then presented it to us, and really blew our mind with his creativity.

It's some kind of truck with a rocket...or something.